Safety is not just a word for us but deserves our highest priority. Therefore the complete structure has been designed significantly more robust than what is required by the certification authorities.

While limit loads of +4G/-2G are required, our SV4-RS is able to withstand loads of +6G/-3G without any permanent deformation.


The structural calculations rely on five University Theses as well as the work of three Aerospace Engineers.


However, we do not want to simply rely on calculations. Within the scope of the certification process, all calculated loads have been proven by load tests. A complete airframe structure has been built for the sole purpose of physically testing the structural strength and integrity.

More than 60 different tests of each single component proof the strength and outstanding safety of our SV4-RS.


In the highly unlikely case of a serious damage a ballistic recovery system can be installed. The softpack (BRS6) is hidden in a compartment of the upper wing's center section and can be triggered from both seats. 



The BRS6 is one of the world leading recovery systems and has already saved more than 300 lives in microlight and general aviation.