SV4-RS - "Ready to Fly"

Your own biplane - ready to take off


You do not want to waste any time and get to experience the uniqueness of flying an open biplane as soon as possible?

We are happy to build your very own SV4-RS according to your wishes. YOU decide which engine type, which accessories and which paint your biplane will feature.


Right now we have the following four engine options on offer:

  • Rotax 912UL, 80hp, 4-cylinder, reduction gear 1:2.43
  • Rotax 912ULS, 100hp, 4-cylinder, reduction gear 1:2.43
  • D-Motor LF26, 92hp, 4-cylinder, direct drive
  • Mikron IIIC, 82hp, 4-cylinder, direct drive

We are working together with several propeller manufacturers.

Our preferred manufacturer is "Hercules Propellers Ltd" from the UK.

They produce propellers specifically optimized for our SV4-RS.

Cockpit equipment

The Stampe SV4-RS comes with a solid basic instrumentation and dual controls that allow it to be flown from the front and aft seat. The standard equipment includes:

  • 8,33 kHz radio
  • 1x altimeter (Winter)
  • 1x airspeed indicator (Winter)
  • 1x compass (Airpath C2300)
  • 1x bank indicator (Winter)
  • 1x vertical speed indicator
  • 1x RPM indicator
  • 1x fuel level indicator
  • 1x oil pressure indicator
  • 1x oil temperature indicator
  • 1x cylinder head indicator
  • 1x voltmeter

Remark: the photo shows the prototype's cockpit. It does not reflect the final cockpit layout. 

Of course we are happy to provide you with a quote for individual equipment.

Landing gear

The Stampe SV4-RS is a taildragger. Excluding the wheel bearings it is completely maintenance free and rock solid.


The shock absorbers of the main landing gear consist of 11 elastomer elements which are invisible to the eye. They are resistant against fuel, oil etc.


The tires are tubeless and with a pressure of just 0.5 Bar they contribute to the suspension system.


The tail wheel is sprung and directly steered via the rudder. 

Ballistic recovery system

For your safety every Stampe SV4-RS is equipped with a recovery system of the leading manufacturer "BRS".

The Softpack BRS6-1050 is stowed in the center section of the upper wing and can be triggered from each seat.


The BRS6 is one of the safest recovery systems around and has been implemented based on extensive evaluations and calculations. 

Pricing & delivery timing

Since October 1st, the SV4-RS "ready to fly" is being sold at 99091,- € + VAT.

This price includes a basic covering, the BRS6 recovery system, the basic instrumentation as well as a Rotax 912UL


A deposit of 40% is due upon order.

The delivery time depends on the current order situation. At the moment it is in the range of 6-8 months.


We're happy to answer your questions at

Certification status

You will find a status overview HERE.