SV4-RS - Kit 3

Your biplane ready to cover

This kit contains all elements from kit 1 and 2.

In addition we will assemble the airplane completely, so that it is ready for covering.

You will have to perform the covering, engine and component installation, electric wiring as well as the final assembly.


This will reduce your estimated construction time to approximately 200-300 working hours.


The following photos are representative and do not completely reflect the prefabrication degree.


In addition to work performed for kit 2, we attach shaping elements such as cockpits, the turtle deck, the baggage compartment and more.


The assembly of the seats, seat belts and the flight control system as well as the thrust control units is included.

Of course all parts come treated with anti-corrosion wash primer and painted in a color of your choice (where required).


Instrument panels are either produced in our standard layout or without cutouts so you can personalize them according to your taste.



All four wings will be build in our jigs.

Every part comes protected against corrosion or weathering. Steel cable, planking and aileron hinges are all mounted. You can immediately start covering the wings and get them up flying.



Just like all other parts you can immediately start to prepare things for the covering. All shaping elements are mounted and everything is properly sanded for a great looking surface.

Which additional costs can I expect?

We're delighted to create individual offers for material such as instruments, avionics, covering fabrics, engines, the recovery system and more.


The following list is intended to give you an approximate idea of the additional costs you should expect:


Engine & Accessories













Covering & Paint

Recovery System

Certification fees










Engine mount & firewall


Rotax / Mikron / D-Motor


Oil & water cooler

Fuel pump



Electric wiring





Oratex UL600




Seat upholstery

Oil tank mock up

Fairing wing-fuselage

Fairing empennage

Fairing instruments

Fairing thrust levers

Cost (min)

 € 980,00 

 € 900,00 

 € 14.192,00

 € 800,00 

 € 350,00 

 € 150,00 

 € 100,00 

 € 50,00 

 € 500,00 


 € 950,00 

 € 1.300,00 

 € 1.700,00 

 € 3.800,00 

 € 4.300,00 

 € 400,00 






€ 30.372,00 

Cost (max)

 € 1.180,00 

 € 1.200,00 

 € 16.900,00 

€ 1.100,00 

€ 350,00 

 € 260,00 

 € 100,00 

 € 100,00 

 € 700,00 


 € 1.800,00 

 € 2.200,00 

 € 6.000,00 

 € 6.000,00 

 € 4.300,00 

 € 600,00 


 € 800,00 

 € 232,99 

 € 199,99 

 € 158,99 

€ 74,20 

         € 37,10

€ 44.293,27

The above mentioned cost is to be seen as a general guideline and is not binding


Additionally a budget for tools should be taken into account.

Pricing & delivery timing

Kit 3 is being sold at 49.900 € incl. VAT.

Depending on your location you will have to expect additional costs for delivery.


You can pre-order the kit. A deposit of 40% will guarantee a delivery within 5 months from ordering.


We're happy to answer your questions at

Certification status

You will find a status overview HERE.