SV4-RS - Kit 1

Make your dream come true and build your own biplane!


Since 2015 you are given the opportunity to obtain your own Kit, which includes all the parts and pieces to build the structure.

You have the choice. Either work conveniently from home or participate in guided workshops in our shop floor.

During the workshops you get a chance to build the fuselage and wings in our laser-built jigs. It ain't get any more precise!

What is included?

This Kit consists of the following items:


All the parts to build the fuselage structure:

o   Dural-Aluminium tubes (laser-cut and pre-bent where required)

o   steel tubes (pre-assembled and welded)

o   gusset plates (laser-cut, bent, pre-drilled)

o   Divinycell shaping pieces


All the parts to build the empennage:

o   Dural-Aluminium tubes (laser-cut and pre-bent where required)

o   gusset plates (laser-cut, bent, pre-drilled)

o   hinges

o   Divinycell and composite shaping pieces


All the parts to build the wings and ailerons:

o   Dural-Aluminium tubes (laser-cut and pre-bent where required)

o   gusset plates (laser-cut, bent, pre-drilled)

o   steel tubes (pre-assembled and welded)

o   wood (pre-bent pine spars, laser-cut plywood and balsa)

o   support ribs (Divinycell, lasered or drilled)


All the parts for the flight control system:

o   control stick and bearings

o   rudder pedals

o   cables (steel cables, galvanized according to ISO 2020)

o   copper sleeves, wire thimbles

o   cable pulleys

o   polyamid parts

o   (stainless) steel parts (laser-cut, welded, pre-drilled)


All the material to assemble the aircraft:

o   struts

o   cables (steel cables, galvanized according to ISO 2020)

o   copper sleeves, wire thimbles


The complete landing gear including tail gear:

o   WIG-welded steel construction (galvanized)

o   Dural-Aluminium tubes (laser-cut)

o   Elastomer shock absorbers

o   ball bearing

o   needle bearings

o   rims, wheels and brakes


Welded Aluminium fuel tank including compartment for parachute


Seats (without upholstery) and seat belts


All required joining elements:

o   bolts, washers, nuts

o   saddle washers

o   rivets

o   Mastinox (aviation sealing)

o   glue (Sikaflex, UHU Endfest 300, Rectan)


Fuselage quick-build workshop (4 days):

 Guided workshop in our facility

 Assembly of primary fuselage structure

 Assembly of elevator and rudder


Wing quick-build workshop (4 days):

 Guided workshop in our facility

 Assembly of primary wing structure

 Assembly of horizontal stabilizer 

Which additional costs can I expect?

We're delighted to create individual offers for material such as instruments, avionics, covering fabrics, engines, the recovery system and more.


The following list is intended to give you an approximate idea of the additional costs you should expect:


Engine & Accessories













Covering & Paint

Recovery System

Certification fees










Engine mount & firewall


Rotax / Mikron / D-Motor


Oil & water cooler

Fuel pump



Electric wiring





Oratex UL600




Seat upholstery

Oil tank mock up

Fairing wing-fuselage

Fairing empennage

Fairing instruments

Fairing thrust levers

Cost (min)

 € 980,00 

 € 900,00 

 € 14.192,00

 € 800,00 

 € 350,00 

 € 150,00 

 € 100,00 

 € 50,00 

 € 500,00 


 € 950,00 

 € 1.300,00 

 € 1.700,00 

 € 3.800,00 

 € 4.300,00 

 € 400,00 






€ 30.372,00 

Cost (max)

 € 1.180,00 

 € 1.200,00 

 € 16.900,00 

€ 1.100,00 

€ 350,00 

 € 260,00 

 € 100,00 

 € 100,00 

 € 700,00 


 € 1.800,00 

 € 2.200,00 

 € 6.000,00 

 € 6.000,00 

 € 4.300,00 

 € 600,00 


 € 800,00 

 € 232,99 

 € 199,99 

 € 158,99 

€ 74,20

€ 37,10

€ 44.293,27

The above mentioned cost is to be seen as a general guideline and is not binding


Additionally a budget for tools should be taken into account.

Pricing & delivery timing

Kit 1 is being sold at 20.900 € incl. VAT.

You do not have to expect delivery costs since you will be able to transport everything on your own after the workshops.


You can pre-order the kit. A deposit of 40% will guarantee a delivery within 3 months from ordering.


We're happy to answer your questions at


The photo below gives you an impression of the status of completion which will be achieved with the parts contained in the kit (fuel tank, leading and trailing edge planking missing)

Certification status

You will find a status overview HERE.